Discover our personal approach to UK equities

At J O Hambro Capital Management, we believe it’s our personal responsibility to seek excellence in UK equities. But more than that, we believe in a personal approach to sharing our knowledge and helping your clients meet their investment needs. Explore how we do this below and find out how you too can rediscover the value of UK equities.

Committed to your business and ours

Each of our expert managers have been investing with us for over 14 years on average.

Freedom to invest in excellence

Agile and unconstrained, we act quickly to exploit only the best opportunities.

Strong long-term performance

All four of our UK equity funds are ranked first quartile since launch in their peer groups.

Rediscover the opportunities that await

Rediscover the opportunities that await

Our teams always have their ear to the ground when it comes to investment opportunities. That’s why we’ve developed the J O Hambro UK Profit Index. Within this document, we outline how the revenues and profits of the UK’s listed companies are doing, alongside our fund managers’ unique perspectives on what this means for investors. So you can see the opportunities for yourself – download your copy now.

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Why we’re personally invested in UK equities

Watch and find out exactly how we seek excellence in everything we do, and why we’re passionate about investing in the UK equity market.

The personal responsibility pledge

Our promises to you, signed by the
J O Hambro UK equities teams.

The personal responsibility pledge

The UK stock market. We believe in it. Just as we believe in our people. With years of industry experience, we think we’re well placed to seek out excellence in UK equities. The UK stock market is under-owned, offers potentially better value than other markets, and provides opportunities for both income and capital growth. This, we know.

But it’s not just our knowledge and approach that’s led to the strong long-term performance of our four UK equity funds. There’s a lot that goes into what we do. And for all of us, it’s entirely personal.

Alex. Tom. Stephanie. Siddharth. James. Clive. Mark. Vishal. Michael. Rachel. Roshni.

We all work hard every day for you and your clients.

To show you just how important you are to us, we’re putting a rubber stamp on what we aim to deliver each and every day. We have a personal responsibility for finding excellence in UK equities and here’s how we’ll do just that.

We promise to:

  • strive for excellence and never settle for less

  • remain open, approachable and be here to support you

  • challenge, explore, and never follow the crowd

  • invest with conviction, not track a benchmark

  • be accountable and transparent in all our communications

  • engage with companies to help them help society, not simply tick boxes

  • continue to provide consistency and confidence

  • always remain personally invested in our funds.

J O Hambro UK Equity Income – James Lowen and Clive Beagles
J O Hambro UK Dynamic – Alex Savvides, Tom Matthews, Stephanie Geary and Siddharth Sukumar
J O Hambro UK Growth – Mark Costar and Vishal Bhatia
J O Hambro UK Opportunities – Michael Ulrich, Rachel Reutter and Roshni Bolton

Meet the teams

We have four UK equity funds, which all have their own distinctive focus thanks to the fund managers who run each one.

UK Equity Income

One of the most recognised UK equity income funds, this fund focuses on higher-yielding stocks, often finding overlooked dividend-payers. Managed by James Lowen and Clive Beagles.

UK Opportunities

A fund focused on well-managed industry leaders, which applies strict valuation control to avoid overpaying for stocks. Managed by Rachel Reutter and Michael Ulrich.

UK Dynamic

Aims to profit from understanding and backing companies changing for the better. Managed by Alex Savvides.

UK Growth

This fund aims to achieve growth through mispriced or undiscovered stocks with a high margin of safety. Managed by Mark Costar and Vishal Bhatia.

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